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    The Worn Soles is a trio based in the western coast of Finland. The trio's repertory consists of original folk/country-blues/oldtime style compositions as well as traditional music conjuring intruiging string band sounds with a strong emphasis on harmony vocals.
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    Depicted here are the three members of the Worn Soles trio.

    From left towards right: The Crooner, Dear Landlord & The Lonesome Hobo

    The one most likely to be persuaded into some drinking or gambling,
    Dear Landlord
    is easily discerned from the other trio members by his bowler hat and a double bass. He's also notably better built than the other two although he can't really grow a beard. The landlord is a family man with a big heart, yet prolonged periods of soberness are known to raise a certain degree of cynicism into his character.

    Distinctive marks:

    Bowler hat, double bass,
    tendency to sing bass voice in harmony parts

    The Crooner is arguably the most handsome of the three. This musical genious has harmony brain to turn "Are you sleeping Brother John" into a symphony, but for some reason he chooses to go about playing guitar and mandolin and singing harmonies with the trio. Dressed in a fedora hat, the crooner is the one more likely to concentrate on making sweet music than monkeying with the boys during gigs.

    Distinctive marks:

    Fedora hat, twelve stringed guitar, mandolin, tendency to sing high during harmony parts


    Known for a skinny composition topped by a low top hat,
    the Lonesome Hobo stands in the middle among the trio. Known to choose appearence before quality when it comes to instruments, the hobo carries a handsome parlor guitar and a variety of harmonicas near adequate for his needs during a gig. He's also the one most likely to wear a mustache and unwittingly rewrite the lyrics of songs while singing.

    Distinctive marks:

    Top hat, parlor guitar, harmonicas,
    tendency to sing lead voice